We are pleased to assist you in finding your perfect painting and answer your questions to our service. In favour of individual questions please fill out our contact form.

How do you produce the paintings?

All paintings are hand painted and unique copies. The paintings are produced with high class oil colours and material.


Would it be possible to get a preview before shipping?

Yes. You will get a preview as soon as your painting is completed. If you don't have any requests for changes and you are satisfied, we will send the painting tax free and without any shipment costs to you.

How long does it takes to produce one painting?

Normally between 3 and 5 weeks including time for drying. We will forward your order to our painters as soon as we get the confirmation of your payment.

How long does it takes until the painting will arrive?

Normally between 3 and 5 days after your confirmation from the thumbnail. We deliver your painting with the fastes delivery partner for your country (DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT).

Where do you produce the paintings?

The paintings are produced by educated painters in Asia. You will find more information in our rubric "Painters".

How many painters are working for Artmister?

More than 200 painters from over 40 studios are working for Artmister.

Which pictures or photos can you paint?

We can paint all kind of pictures for you. We suggest choosing a high picture resolution to reach the maximum quality for your painting.

Would it be possible to paint people from different photos in one painting?

Yes. It isn't a big deal for us to pool different photos in one artwork. Please send your photos and wishes to

Would it be possible to omit undesirable parts from pictures in the painting?

Yes. Please add your change requests in the comment field before check out.

How do you pack the paintings?

The paintings will be sent in stable parcels with air cushion films. To reduce the risk of damages during shipment we suggest to add frames for paintings with a size over 50 x 60 cm (20" x 24") in your country.

Are there any costs for packing and shipping?

No. Artmister offers you all prices including packing and shipping worldwide.

Can I send Photos also per post or e-mail?

Yes. Please use the following address:
c/o Tschudi Services
Engeloostrasse 4
5621 Zufikon

When do I have to pay?

The payment is processing during check out.

What should I do if my painting arrives damaged or not at all?

All our shipments have shipping insurance. Always check your product upon receipt for damages. Should you discover any transport damages on delivery, report this immediately to the delivery personnel. The delivery personnel must then confirm the transport damages in writing. If you find hidden transport damages later, please contact the shipping company immediately for an assessment of damages. Without a written confirmation from the shipping company, due to insurance reasons no free replacement delivery can take place. If you do not receive your ordered product at all, please contact us immediately per email at

Do I have right of cancellation?

Yes. Within 14 days after order placement you may cancel the order contract in writing without statement of reasons (e.g. letter, fax, email). For more information please check our Terms and Conditions.